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Eduloan offers the following comprehensive loan solutions for students and employees:
Study Loans
Eduloan offers a study loan solution to meet your tuition fee requirements throughout your educational journey - from school right through to university or college.
Study Tools Loans
Whether you need a loan for textbooks, a laptop or tablet, musical instrument, a scientific calculator, a stethoscope or safety equipment, we can assist you.
Accommodation Loans
We understand the real cost of getting an education. Eduloan offers loans specifically to cover your accommodation costs while you study.
Put your bursary money in the safest hands. Control the way your bursary money is spent. Eduloan has a fund management solution to assist
both student and bursars in effective budgeting and management of bursary funds:
Bursary Fund Management
Cashless Payment Solutions
Attendance Management
Training Fund Management
CSI Fund Management
Expense Management
Find out how much your loan will cost you by using our repayment calculator tool. Just complete all the fields and the system will automatically calculate your monthly instalments for you, including all related fees. You can adjust the monthly instalment by increasing or decreasing the number of months or your loan amount to accommodate your budget.
Please note that the calculation is an estimate for information purposes only. Any credit application is subject to you qualifying for credit, after Eduloan has performed an affordability assessment and a credit scoring, based on your individual circumstances and provided you with a quotation.
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A few practical examples of our super-affordable loans with no hidden costs.
To apply for a super affordable study loan from Eduloan you need to supply us with the following 4 documents:
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Fund and Bursary Management (Eduxtras®)
Stay focused on your studies... not on the management of your bursary funds. At Eduloan we are committed to make funding your education as easy as possible. To achieve this, we have put several solutions in place that will help you manage your bursary funds:
Bursary Fund Management (Eduxtras®)
We pioneered the Eduxtras® solution – geared to help you manage your bursary funds the way your fund provider intended. This bursary fund administration solution is presented to you in the form of an easy-to-use card. Your Eduxtras® card gives you easy access to your bursary funds which are loaded into pockets for accommodation, books, study-related equipment, food and tuition (or customised pockets depending on what your bursar specified).
Your bursar, sponsor or parent will tell us how to split your bursary funds between these pockets and you can then swipe your card at any of our partner merchants to pay for purchases without the security threat of carrying cash or the temptation to spend it in on things you don’t need. Eduxtras® also gives you immediate access to your bursary funds from the time of transfer, reducing the hassle of transfer delays or quotes from bookstores or payments being issued to pay individual suppliers. When you make a purchase at a partnering supplier, money will be deducted from your bursary funds and taken out of that specific pocket. This means that overspending on certain items does not affect your ability to meet your other commitments.
Want to activate your Eduxtras® card?
  • When you receive your card, sign the white strip at the back, with either a black or blue pen
  • You can activate your Eduxtras® card at any on-campus Eduloan satellite office or at any Eduloan partner merchant shop nationwide (Note: You will need your original student card as well as your Identity Document or Passport)
  • Once your ID has been verified, the office administrator or merchant will ask for your Eduxtras® card. If you have not received one yet you will be presented with a new, sealed card
  • The office administrator or merchant will then assist you to activate your card. They will require some information from you in order to do this. The card will then be swiped on the Eduxtras® terminal, your student number and ID/Passport number will be entered by the office administrator or merchant
  • The terminal will then be handed over to you to enter your own unique PIN number. This PIN will be re-entered for verification purposes, guaranteeing the security of your bursary funds
Your Eduxtras® card is now registered and ready for use!
Want to manage your money matters at the touch of a button?
The Eduxtras® 4U online portal helps you to manage your Eduxtras® account. With quick and easy access you can view your available funds, statements and balances and even change your PIN number or stop your card if it’s lost or stolen. To register click here.
  • Clicking on the ‘Register’ tab
  • Entering your ID/Passport number and student number in the space provided
  • Clicking on ‘Continue’
  • Following the prompts to create a password etc.
  • Once your details are verified, you will be able to access the portal for future use